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Yogi's Story

"I really have gotten my life back"

An Interview with Yogi:

What’s your transformation history?

6 Months.

What’s your favourite exercise? 

Squats & Deadlifts now! Used to be bench.

What’s your favourite motivational quote? 

t's not so much quotes that get me going, it's seeing development, that motivates me.

Seeing people's growth.

 What advice would you give to someone who wants to achieve results like you? 

Trust the process, challenge you're everyday and stick to the plan.

 In your opinion what is the most important aspect of a transformation? 

After this year, I think it's important to be totally realistic with the time it takes to change bad habits. For some people it's 3 months to 1 year, for other people it could be 3 years. Knowing that you have a longer race to run, can be less frustrating. If you have 3 years of work and want to do it in 1, it takes real sacrifices to achieve that. 

 What did you learn from this experience? 

I learnt just how broken our food industry is in a country like Canada. You're born into a culture that sets your body up to fail. Easy meals, high energy foods or everyday people is what's making us all fat. We live in a culture that now embraces the bigger individual to feel better about poor dietary choices being fed to us by the big corporations.
Transformation unveils just how far down the wrong side of the tracks we have rolled. I make much better choices regarding food. Having said that, breaking bad habits that are decades old, are proving hard to break. it's like quitting smoking but the less I "smoke" the better I feel. Transformation has given me that and information to know how to make better choices. 

 What did you struggle with the most on this journey? 

The accountability. It's a full time job but it's is work looking after you're body.The food was my biggest frustration but the recipes are becoming more enjoyable.

 What is the best part of this journey? 

Seeing the change in my body BY FAR has been the most rewarding thing. When I saw Simon,I had sleep apnea, couldn't play squash anymore, couldn't finish a full bar shift on my feet without being exhausted, was out of breath walking in general, my back ached, my digestive system was running like crude oil, my eyes were dark, I couldn't fit into size 38 waist jeans, fitting into 40's! I was headed for certain illness.

Today I can squat 275 lbs, deadlift 260 lbs, Split squat 130 lbs!! SLIPT SQUAT (i couldn't even trx split), bench 200 lbs, finish 41km multi-day hike, play squash aggressively again, finish a full shift with life at the end of a shift, run upstairs, bend comfortably, sleep without choking on my neck, fit into a size large shirt, down to 36 inch waist. I REALLY HAVE GOTTEN MY LIFE BACK.

What are 3 things that helped you get through? 

1. Simon my coach, accountability and the support of the crew.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned? 

Consistence. C O N S I S T E N C E 


Committing to changing your life is daunting. It challenges you more than anything I've ever known. If you commit to Consistence in this program, it will reap the greatest rewards.

I came to Simon 270lbs, with a body I hated to look at in the mirror and haul around. I was EXHAUSTED all the time and the things I enjoyed doing were getting further and further away from me. I Could honestly cry with the person that I had become, frustrated and annoyed at my own laziness.

Transformation has changed my life forever. I used to have sleep apnea (which was scary), I couldn't walk without being out of breathe, my knees hurt all day long, my back ached all the time, work felt like a double, I would NEVER take my top off to go swimming, when people patted me on the back, I could feel the ripple (i would KILL if you patted baha), EVEN VACUUMING felt like wrestling a fish. Fast forward to today and I just completed a 41 km multi day hike (50 lbs pack on), i'm grunting and losing my temper on the squash court, work is a breeze-seriously, I can bend me knees without the fear of tearing the foundations of my body, i'm bouncing up stairs, my squat rack has a bend in the bar, I can get into a Canoe no worries, I can keep up with my hiking buddies, my chest pains are gone, I sleep soundly, my skin looks great (it's so healthy), what black eyes??!! And now if someone pats me on the back, they won't face imminent death, i'm always happy there hand meets muscle instead of wobble.
Today I could cry but it's from how happy I am to have regained a lifestyle worth grinding for.

Today I could cry but it's from how happy I am to have regained a lifestyle worth grinding for.

Moving my compass in the direction I want to go, has been life changing. Simon has been the steward of my journey. He takes you in with both arms and makes you a better version of yourself.

Falls backwards into this program, he's got you:)

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