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Marin's Story

"Seeing results every week allowed to want to keep coming back, stay committed, and not give up"


1.Where you were born and grew up?

    Born and raised in Victoria, BC. 

    2. What made you get in top fitness?

    I was always heavily involved in sports/dance/swimming growing up and during high school. During University I slowly watched myself become less and less in shape and begun to not be able to participate in activities I enjoyed anymore. I really wanted to get back into shape so my body would allow me to do any activity or sport I wanted to.

    3. What was your “snap point”- the point where you said, enough!! What made you sign up with us?

    For me it was a change in circumstances that allowed me to sign up. During University I was drinking a lot, eating poorly, and hardly sleeping. After University I became an on call shift worker. Shift work did not allow me to create a schedule or healthy lifestyle. I wanted to sign up for personal training for years to help me but I always had a list of excuses why it wasn’t the right time or why it wouldn’t work. I finally got a new job that was regular hours during the week. I suddenly had no excuses left.

    4. What where the challenges you had to overcome on your journey?

    My biggest challenge was my friends and family inviting me to dinners, parties or offering me food. At first I felt left out and felt as though I was missing out on a lot of things. I saw some friends drift away when I could no longer participate in drinking and nights out. But I was determined and eventually this no longer bothered me.

    5. What training tips for transformation would you give someone in your previous situation?

    Be prepared to commit 100% to your goals (ok maybe 95%). If you are not ready to give this all of your time and energy you will not be successful. On the days you would rather do anything else but train you need find the will power to go to the gym, and you will never regret pushing yourself to do this.

    6. What was it like to train with Simon, and how did he help you?

    Simon will put in as much effort as you do, if you give him everything you have he will do the same in return. He is always positive and motivating, especially on the days when I did not want to be there. I would always be happy by the end of the training session, despite if I was having a hard day and did not want to train.

    7. What where the aspects you enjoy/like about Sim's Gym?

    I liked the structure of the training sessions. I enjoyed watching myself get stronger and stronger each week. I found the diet fairly easy to implement, especially as someone who really enjoys cooking. I could still enjoy what I was eating and did not feel as though I was on a diet the whole time.

    8. How has Sim's Gym helped you where you may have failed or got it wrong in the past?

    Being accountable to someone else really helped me reach my fitness goals. By having someone guide me with how to train and what to eat, I found I could more easily commit to it because it allowed me to focus on what to do instead of also how to do it. Seeing results every week allowed to want to keep coming back, stay committed, and not give up.

    9. Provide a brief example of a workout that achieved your amazing results?

    As much as I hated the stiff legged deadlifts, they gave me amazing legs/butt.

    10. What is your favourite recipe/meal from the Cook bible? 

    MP Pineapple/Chicken Skewers

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