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Alisa's Story

"Once I knew how to feed and exercise properly, I could feel the health and vitality flowing through my body"

Alisa Louise Richard

32 years old

1.Where you were born and grew up?

            I was born in Revelstoke BC, the youngest of three and we moved around A LOT. I lived in some of the most beautiful and nature focused places in BC including Tofino and Terrace. My family and I also moved to the rolling hills of Nova Scotia for my teen years.

            2. What made you get into fitness?

            Growing up in my family meant I had a very active childhood. Whether it be hiking, running, playing baseball, basketball or volleyball. My highs school years consisted of playing on a number of different team sports teams and I excelled at Volleyball and absolutely loved it. After graduation I played on the odd intermural volleyball league, would run possibly every few weeks, hike occasionally and found myself hula hoop dancing every day. My fitness rhythm had slowly deteriorated over the years and I found myself needing to go the gym but simply just not knowing where to start or what to do.

            3. What was your “snap point”- the point where you said, enough!! What made you sign up with us?

            My snap point arose when I had come back from a 4-month road trip vacation throughout the USA. Binging on bags of chips, takeout and all kinds of fast food had somehow taken hold of me and I wasn’t even able to think about doing anything even remotely active. I was 31 years old and my continually poor food choices finally caught up with me and I no longer had that “20 something metabolism” and that “20 something bod” that could get away with eating EVERYTHING under the sun. I knew I needed to change before it really caught up with me but had absolutely no idea what that meant. What would I do? What would I eat? Luckily for me, my partner in crime had recently switched careers from Carpenter to Fitness Guru and I didn’t have to go far to get the exact help I needed. I saw what he had done with his health, lifestyle and body and knew that I had the answer waiting for me right there. I just had to “Say Yes”.

            4. What where the challenges you had to overcome on your journey? 

            A) Getting up in the morning and actually eating breakfast. It was a little hard at first but once I broke the mold, I found myself being hungry in the morning as soon as I woke up!

            B) Working in restaurants with a constant flow of treats around me. Coworkers wanting to indulge with you to make the day that much sweeter. I was able to say no most of the time and it was actually that much more enjoyable because I could instead feel how amazing my body felt on the inside, with health and vitality streaming through it.

            C) Junk food runs at night. Sure, I ate healthy all day. It’s late and now I need a whole bag of chips, a chocolate bar AND some candy to reward myself. WRONG! The reward is eating healthy and I was only holding back my success by holding on to this crutch. It wasn’t until program 3 when my very wise trainer said to me, “I feel that your goal this program needs to be no junk food.” I hastily listened to him, emotionally holding on to that one habit that I needed to kick to the curb the most and complied. There were definitely a few slip ups, but I tell you, I no longer enjoyed it. It now felt like a chore to finish a whole bag of chips and it wasn’t worth sacrificing my success.

            D) FOOD PREP. Dun dundunnnnnnn…Somehow it always seemed so daunting to me. I have to make my food…. AHEAD OF TIME? The first 2 programs, I literally would make most of my food each day and I found myself spending so much time doing so. It wasn’t until magical program #3 when my fitness guru’s persistent words of wisdom finally kicked in and I faced the terrifying task of food prep. If you think about it, the small amount of time that you spend making your food ahead of time actually puts you AHEAD OF TIME! I no longer spent countless hours in the kitchen. I could now just grab and go. It’s like the new takeout but I made it, I know what is in it and it is delicious.

            E) My final and most challenging hurdle of all. My life partner as my coach. How’s that for a mind F$@K! I thought I knew better. I protested everything. I saw him grow and learn throughout his transformations and basically thought I could make a carbon copy of his journey without actually learning anything. Well, I didn’t know better, I was only fighting myself and I had to find my own way in changing, learning and growing on the path to health and fitness. When did I figure this out? PROGRAM #3!

            6. What was it like to train with Simon, and how did he help you?

            Training with Simon is like what Geppetto is for Pinocchio. He trains you to let your conscience be your guide and he sure sees your nose grow if you don’t tell him about that junk food! He absolutely puts everything he’s got in to you. You are the only person that matters at that moment and he wholeheartedly gives you his undivided attention. He is present, motivating and most of all, unwavering. He would go the ends of the earth for you to help you to achieve your goals. At the end of the day, he will go there for you, but what you have to realize is that you need to go there with him. Remember, this transformation is not for him. It is for you. He gives you all of the tools necessary for your success and at exactly the right time. He shows you the road to walk on, but you are the one that needs to walk it. For yourself. He can’t do it for you. The sooner you realize that you need to get out of your own way, the sooner that you will achieve your health and fitness goals. Then, you can strive for higher goals!

            7. What were the aspects you enjoyed/like about Transformation?

            I really enjoy the community aspect of transformation It is great to start transforming yourself and then you realise that there are countless people out there all with their individual stories doing just what you are doing. It is like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we have all found our own “Golden Ticket’. It is so inspiring to hear about so many different walks of life and the variety of challenges that they have had to overcome. It is also inspiring in terms of food prep! If you’re a little dull in the kitchen and need a flavour kick, scroll through the transformation Facebook page and you’ll have too many ideas! You won’t know what to cook first!

            I also love how it makes me FEEL. Once I knew how to feed and exercise properly, I could feel the health and vitality flowing through my body. As soon as I would start my next meal, I would literally feel it flowing through my body and nurturing it. It is invigorating. That is what keeps me going. That is how I know I have found that golden ticket. Never mind the results, don’t even get me started about the results.

            Okay, the results. They happen within days. Weeks, months and years. It just keeps getting better and nothing I have ever done in the past was ever this effective. It works. Full stop.

            8. How has transformation helped you where you may have failed or got it wrong in the past?

            Transformation has helped me first of all by reminding me what vegetables are and educating me about what they do. Oh yeah! Eat your veggies. That’s right. Sure, I would go to the supermarket before, buy a bunch of veggies but then, what do I do with them? Boil them into a tasteless mush and pair them with and insignificant amount of protein? No, turn those veggies and protein into a “Fast, Delicious, Nutritious” meal, also known as an FDN.

            Second of all, it has taught me that health and fitness is not difficult and it certainly does not take a whole lot of time. What it does take is the commitment to change, the willingness to look at your own habits and the mental preparation to blow your own socks off!

            9. Provide a brief example of a workout that achieved your amazing results. 

            Barbell squats 2 sets, Split squats, Stiff leg deadlift, Calf raises, Swiss ball crunches.

            10. What is your favourite recipe/meal from the Transformation Cook bible?

            The Feon Vegetable soup.

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