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Simon Tetley

Meet The Trainer

Simon Tetley
Body Transformation Specialist

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Who I am

My name is Simon Tetley. I started my fitness career as an Australian state gymnastics champion. Since then, I have become a certified body transformation specialist and the owner of Sim's Gym, winning awards for my transformations. I started Sim's Gym with the goal of helping as many people as possible reach the body of their dreams and have been training people for fat loss and health improvement for the last five years. I am now expanding that dream to all corners of the globe. 

I am not just a personal trainer; I am a body transformation specialist. I do not just train fitness and give classes. Instead, I specialise in helping people help themselves to achieve their goals. My skills lie in taking people who have been yo-yo dieting, or have never dieted, people who casually attend the gym, or have never set foot in one, and giving them the skills, habits, and knowledge to take care of themselves and their health for life.

What I've learned 

For any person to lose a significant amount of body fat, temporary and unsustainable fad diets will almost always lead to eventual relapse at best and new health issues at worst. Instead, I help my clients to change their lifestyle and mindset permanently. I help them to focus on significant factors like being consistent, getting a regular exercise routine, and eating good food more frequently. I teach the science of body transformation to those ready to make a permanent change.

What I do

Both in-person, and now online, I teach a unique approach, a complete process the constructs the correct environment for permanent change. This method removes the limiting factors that prevent success by providing mu clients with the knowledge, systems, tools, skills, and solutions for any situation every single day. My online programs are tailored to your specific needs/desires because I want to fast track you to your goal. I want to help you because I believe it is everybody's right to have the body they've always wanted.