03 Sep, 2018

What's holding you back?


How many times have you found yourself on a late night munchie run to the gas station? How many time have you, one the trip, fantasized about that bag of chips, that candy bar, that ice cream? I know Alisa has. 

Meet Alisa.

Alisa’s on-the-go lifestyle working as a server became a breeding ground for bad food habits. Late nights, long shifts, the constant picking at high-calorie low-nutrition food was her routine, nevermind the sugary alcoholic drinks that were everywhere. Then over the weekend, it was wine, a family-sized bag of sour-cream chips and a chocolate bar. Junk food bingeing had become a staple habit and the so-called “reward” in Alisa’s weekly routine. This diet had one consistent partner though; she was always hungry for more. Something needed to change but letting go of the junk food was hard. 

So what did Alisa do to defeat her junk food addiction? 

First, she wrote down all her favourite junk/fast foods. From that list, we identified the foods that would get her closer to her goal and the ones that would hold her back. We then put them in the categories of “Staple Foods” & "Bonus Foods." From this list, we were able to identify each of the little habits associated with the food that were holding her back.

A lot of people, when they try to get in shape, will focus on all the wrong things and forget that the trick to lasting results is changing habits. If you find yourself craving junk food, try and figure out that is prompting the craving. Don’t sweat the small stuff and address the one habit that’s holding you back the most. Change the routine or the reward, and you will see things change for you just like they changed for Alisa. She has worked extremely hard over the last 3 programs and as a Ultimate Fitness Transformation challenger and the results speak for themselves. She is in the best shape of her life, she has given up the junk addition, and I could not be happier for her. 

Are you ready to come face to face with your habits? Follow the link below for your free consultation!!!

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