03 Sep, 2018

Bye Bye Mom Bod.


Meet Kendra.

Kendra was born in Victoria, BC, just around the corner from Sim’s Gym. She is a wife and mum of a four-year-old who works and is studying part-time to be a mortgage broker. Kendra has been a fit and healthy person her entire life, either through playing sports or hitting the gym. She loves cooking, paddle boarding, spending time with her family and being a super-mum.

Unfortunately, her busy life began to catch up with her. She found she that no matter how hard she worked, she didn’t see the changes she wanted in her body. She didn’t like how her body looked, felt or functioned. She also always seemed to be out of time and the lack of energy in the afternoons was a killer on her job and responsibilities. To top it all off, due to a health condition, she has lost mobility in her body twice. The first time she lost almost all mobility and it took months to get it back, and the second wave she lost mobility in her left leg for over a month. Enough was enough.

“Pick a time that works with your schedule and go. Be accountable.”

Kendra began her training with simple goals. She wanted to strengthen her body, be energized and in control, and feel confident in her clothes. She had been eating what she considered a healthy diet, but one of her main problems was that she was over-exercising. Kendra and I spent the first few weeks working together to clear up the confusion of how much exercise was needed to get results. She found that the right amount of exercise gave her the results she wanted but left her with a lot more time to spend with her family.

Kendra has completed three programs and has become one of the people within Sim's Gym to start and finish the Ultimate Fitness Transformation (UFT) Challenge. She has pushed herself and through all of her hard work, she is at the top of her game. The only direction from here is up!

I've gone to a few trainers and Simon is the only one who taught me about the health and food side of training.

Are you like Kendra? A mum with limited time? Feeling sluggish in the afternoons? Working hard and eating right not getting the results you want? It is time to start putting you first and getting your health back on track.

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