11 Sep, 2018

Achieving Success that lasts.

Simon Tetley

Meet Marin.

When Marin started her training, she was where a lot of us find ourselves. She was working shifts which left her tired and unmotivated to do anything in her 'off hours.' When she woke up in the morning, she felt exhausted, sore, stressed, and generally unhappy about her health and body. However, she worked in a field where she could see first-hand the long-term effects of lifestyle and finally made the decision that is she didn't change her circumstances, then nothing would change.
Marin joined up and has been 100% committed to her transformation. It has required many shifts in her life, including a job change and a change in some of her relationships with people, but she has made the sacrifices and choices to make it possible. Marin changed her lifestyle one small step at a time to make sure that each change stuck, and the work Marin has put in has given her the body she has always wanted. She has learned new skills and habits that will allow her to live a long and healthy life.

Gone is the withdrawn and tired Marin hiding in baggy t-shirts and standing in her place is a stunning and confident woman, proud of the body she has worked for. 

Congratulations Marin,enjoy it!

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