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I opened the doors to Sim’s Gym Transformation Academy, the very first body transformation studio in Victoria, BC, in 2017, after four years of study and planning. The academy soon got a reputation as the place to get results, and there was a steady increase in business from day one. Sim’s Gym uses only the best scientific research to educate and coach people from all walks of life. We have become a trusted source of information, a place for the community to get educated and bypass all the misinformation out there. Using the latest cutting-edge science-based research, I offer programs to suit all fitness levels and guarantee results. I begin offering one-on-one services and teaching people the science of a successful body transformation. This education ran the gauntlet from inside the gym to at home in the kitchen. Since then, the gym has evolved into small-group classes and is hitting the world stage with the most advanced online program available.

The most popular program is the UFT365 package. This package covers all the exercise and nutrition components required to get those life-changing results. It is packed with the tools, information, accountability, and support needed to succeed. This exclusive program is only offered to a select few per year and is only available to those that pass the interview process. It has become a cornerstone of the success of this fairly new business.

With state of the art equipment and resources, Sim’s Gym caters to more than just the Victoria market. I also offer online coaching, providing one of the most exclusive virtual transformation programs on the market. The program is run via the latest online software, making it easy for people with little time to spare and giving them the tools, information, and support necessary to begin rebuilding their bodies. The online nutrition program, paired with the clinically proven FIRE and ICE programs, gives Sim’s Gym the reputation as a one-stop-shop for a successful and life-changing body transformation.

With a long list of testimonies and breathtaking before and after pictures, Sims’s Gym achieves results that were never thought possible. Located in the heart of Victoria, Sim’s Gym is a welcoming place that offers solutions for both all, from busy business executives to parents of all shapes and sizes. We also only offer programs to individuals after an interview process to ensure that all those in the gym are on the path to permanent improvement and willing to support others on their journey. Simon Tetley, the winner of the International Best Male MP Professional Transformation for 2018, will be your coach. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Simon Tetley

Simon Tetley

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